Beige ceramic container filled with lush assorted groupings color Tulips, creating an explosion of color!

Including, Orange tulips, Purple Tulips, Yellow Tulips, & Pink Tulips. Framed with exotic Green Trick flora, with accents of trimmed Bear grasses & cut curly willow branches. 


Due to availability, designs may and can be altered for the best match based on inventory. 



  • All of our designs are created with the most fresh florals shipped in from around the world. Xtraordinary Events Boutique stands by our impeccable quality and unique trending styles. 

    Please water your arrangements upon delivery to ensure the longevity & longer lasting blooms. Water should be changed once daily as bacteria is the leading cause of floral infection which can cause them to last for a shorter time frame. 

    Each one of our exquisite designs is run under a UV sanitizing light prior to delivery for your safety. 

  • There will be a $25 Delivery fee for all orders within 10 miles of our Philadelphia location.

    $35 delivery fee for all orders between 10 - 15 miles from our Philadelphia location.

    Further locations can be discussed with a team member. 267-551-4400