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Kenneth M. Sharples

"A Passion is Born"

Kenneth Sharples began his career and education in the food and beverage industry. He then became a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York and the Le Cordon Bleu of Paris majoring as a Garde Manger (decorator in French). His career was launched at the Barclay Hotel and the Union League of Philadelphia, the old guard, where he quickly rose to then Maître D’Club.  His management of five-star properties, high end country clubs and prestige resort properties solidified his reputation for excellence, attention to detail and creativity within the nationwide Hospitality Industry. 

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"Decor and Floral Design"

Mr. Sharples took his talents to South Florida and founded Creations Productions, a West Palm Beach, Florida Event Design and Production Company in 1995.  When he sold Creations in 2009 he was selling the largest and most exclusive special event design and production firm in Florida.  Creations trademark was spectacular and unique décor, floral, lighting, production and entertainment. Sharples’ company operated an extension of Creations in the Ritz Carlton, Palm Beach Florida and Mar-A-Lago Club of Palm Beach, Florida.  As the “in-house” Ritz events designer, he produced extravagant events for prestigious charities and numerous high-end corporations such as Johnson & Johnson VIP’s, FleetCor and Christian Dior. Creations also produced social events for such luminaries as Brook Shields, Madonna, Elton John, Paul McCartney and “the Donald”.  High end society events in Palm Beach came to Creations to ensure the success of their events.  Ken Sharples is an undeniable talent in the event world. He not only has the creative ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, but he is able to take any vision a client has to the utmost level of exceptionable. Mr. Sharples provides an energetic creative forum that allows each client to surpass all their event expectations. 

Having conquered the South Florida market Mr. Sharples looked westward and was drawn by the charm of Austin, Texas.  The young vibrant social atmosphere combined with the excitement, prosperity and growth of the region was a challenge he couldn’t resist.  Mr. Sharples became a consultant for a small local rental company.  This blending of a rental company with someone from a production style company was a brilliant success. It led to the inclusion of a special social high-end rental exclusive department and five new locations state wide.  The demand for Mr. Sharples designs and visions continue to take him around the country and sharpen his demand for excellence. 

Welcome to Xtraordinary Events

 “Points of Perfection” 

"Home Again in Philly"
Having fulfilled his expectations in Austin, he began to feel the pull of Philadelphia.  The philanthropic charm and old friends of this favorite city have convinced him it’s time to come home and pick up where he left off.   


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