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Jill Sliwa

" Full of History & Pride" 

Jill A Sliwa-McBride was born and raised in Michigan, yet her heart was always drawn to warmer temperatures.  After vacationing in South Florida repeatedly, she decided in 1980 to take the leap and relocated to Boca Raton, FL.  This was a monumental decision as she knew no one residing in Florida.

While familiarizing herself with South Florida, Jill established a private secretarial service for young entrepreneurs and eventually leased and operated executive offices which were occupied by attorneys and other professionals having legal affiliations.  Thinking she had found Paradise in Boca Raton, Jill was then approached to participate in the development of a private island in the Berry Islands, Bahamas.  Sunshine was plentiful on this 10.5 x 2.5-mile private Shangri-La which was inhabited randomly by select prominent individuals and a village of Bahamians.  Operation of an island in the middle of the Atlantic requires planning, foresight and hands-on decisions.  In her capacity Jill was responsible for Customs, airport, housing, fuel, financial, employees, etc.  Jill would often jet to Nassau to meet with the Prime Minister Pindling, and worked with F. Lee Baily, an attorney based out of Palm Beach, FL.   Being a single mother required Jill to focus on life on the mainland and thus she eventually returned to Boca Raton.


"A Passion for Success" 

Then, Jill entered the real estate-development world!  She knew how important a strong foundation is in building anything, yet this was living proof of how imperative a strong structure is to any creation.

Jill was Executive and Personal Assistant to Arthur Falcone, Jr., and Edward Falcone, the founders and developers of the Falcone Group in Boca Raton, FL.  While Jill was with the company in 2005, they were awarded the title largest private owned builder in Florida and the fiftieth largest builder in the United States.

In this capacity Jill was in the envious position of having an overview of the entire operation of the company.  She understood why every puzzle piece must fit exactly and the importance of the strength of the structure of the company.  This position not only increased Jill’s business knowledge, it allowed her creative side to reach new potentials as she created and coordinated all company events, meetings, fundraisers, etcetera.  In this capacity Jill had the honor to work with the Doobie Bros., Classic Rockers, Bon-Jovi and many more.  It was at this time that Jill met Kenneth Sharples, and in the creative process, a true friendship and mutual respect was formed.

In addition to excelling in the corporate world Jill satisfied her creative desires as she owned and operated a small catering business.  The entity grew and was successful leaving Jill with a decision as to which career path she was going to follow. Jill chose the corporate world, and she went on with Falcone Group conducting international trades for Edward Falcone.

" Body & Soul " 

Then real estate market crashed in 2008, and Jill was faced with life changing decisions.  Having been active in the Energy healing world for many years Jill chose to follow her passion and relocated to Maui, HI where she studied and practiced Reiki ultimately becoming a certified Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master.  Jill believes we must balance our mind, body and soul to exist in positive energy, bringing about true happiness.  Jill’s students came to her from the mainland, neighboring islands, and as far away as Hong Kong to study under her.  Jill visited the Hulu Hui Mamo and Maui Senior Center weekly to provide energy treatments to the Kahuna (seniors), was a scheduled event for years.  In exchange for this volunteer time Jill talked story with the locals where they shared their many family stories explaining how to recognize, release, and grow your kundalini.

Jill and her husband Robert have built their home on the east side of Maui Island overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Mangos, avocados and bananas are among the many fruits on their property along with organic vegetation.  Also at their Maui home Jill cleared and planted a large tropical botanical garden which provides an eye-pleasing and aromatic, peaceful path to wander through that is calming and settling to one’s mind allowing the positive energy to flow throughout their body and ultimately their soul as they listen to the sound of the Pacific Ocean.

" An Xtraordinary Start in Philadelphia " 

Mr. Sharples approached Jill with the concept of a luxury event company located in Philadelphia, Xtraordinary Events.  Jill, who loves a challenge and thirsting to be creative, agreed to enter partnership with Kenneth Sharples and Vito Russo.  Jill is actively involved in the operation of Xtraordinary Events and knows a strong foundation is necessary for the development of any lasting creation.



Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master

Life Coach

Jill assisted Board of Directors and participated in fundraising events for the following charities.

Chrons and Colitis Foundation – New York, NY and Boca Raton, FL

SOS Children’s Home Society – Coconut Creek, FL

Broward Boys & Girls Club – Broward County, FL

American Heart Association – Broward County, FL

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