Floral Delivery

Philadelphia & Surrounding Areas

ALL orders require 24-48 hour notice allowing us to obtain the correct product. We recommend that you order in advance to allow enough time to process our flowers for fullest blooming. Average delivery time is 2-3 days.


Are you able to obtain the correct product needed for my specific order listed?

We try our very best to provide you with the exact look you ordered. 

Based on availability for certain flowers and containers, we will strive to provide you with the best design, aesthetic and quality available. You will be notified by a team member upon any 

changes or substitutions for the closest match based on your order prior to delivery.   

Can I get flowers delivered at a specific time?

We deliver during the hours of 12 PM - 6 PM. For custom delivery options please

speak with one of our team members.  

What is your delivery charge?

Our delivery charges range from $25 to $35 per order depending on location and distance.

We deliver within a 15 mile radius. If over 15 miles, please contact one of our team members. 

Do you have a minimum for an floral order?

Yes, we do. Our minimum arrangement order amount is $75 plus delivery and appropriate sales tax.

Do you deliver to a gated community?

Yes, please provide the full name of the recipient and the gate code for access. 

Do you deliver to Hospitals?

With Xtraordinary Events Boutique, sending flowers to hospitals is easy. We deliver to all hospitals in the Philadelphia County.

First, call ahead the receiving hospital to see if floral deliveries are allowed. Please provide us with the proper building/unit location, care facility and correct room number. Please provide us with a direct contact number that you can

be reached at if one of our drivers must call for any questions

Do you deliver to funeral homes, cemeteries and churches?

Yes, we do send flowers to funeral homes, cemeteries, and churches in all Philadelphia's Counties. It is required to order your funeral flowers at least 24 hours before the service. 

What happens if nobody is home for flower delivery?

In most cases, if there is no answer our driver will call the recipient. I there is still no answer we will

leave a message. Deliveries may be left at a safe place deemed by the driver with the permission of the recipient or the sender.  If we take the arrangement back to our studio for a later delivery attempt there will be an additional charge. 

Can I order anonymously?

Yes you can. If you are ordering by phone you can ask for anonymous delivery. If you are ordering online you can click on

"Special Instructions" and type anonymous delivery. This will be fully communicated with our team. 

Can I order flowers in advance?

Days, weeks or months before, not a problem. You can order flowers in advance either online or by phone.

Do you deliver to nursing homes & retirement communities?

Yes we do. There are several we have previously delivered to. Please provide as much important details on the location or unit number as much as possible. 


Do you deliver to hotels?

Yes we do. We need to know the name of the hotel, the name the reservation is under, and if possible the room number too.

We are very familiar with all hotels in and around the Philadelphia area. 

Do you deliver to businesses?

Yes we do. We need the name of the business, address, and the hours of operation.

For all other questions, please contact us at 267-551-4400

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