Paul Bruton 

"A Desire  for Events"

Paul Bruton is a Corporate Event Consultant at Xtraordinary Events,
designing impressive and visually-stimulating events for corporate clients of all sizes and
across all industries. Working closely with corporate clients, hotels, convention centers and
private individuals and groups, Paul utilizes his natural talent and obsession with detail to
transform any event space into innovative and memorable experiences.


Understanding that clients have unique needs in terms of event theme, budget and goals,
Paul meets personally with each client to properly assess how he can meet, and exceed,
their expectations. Having previously worked in the corporate space, Paul understands the
intricacies and constraints that corporate clients have when planning an event, and he uses
this experience to design events within those certain, and oftentimes specific, corporate


"Passion for Event Design"

Obsessed with lighting, sound and special effects, Paul considers himself a guest experience aficionado. When designing events, he utilizes different types and colors of lighting to create interesting and specific moods, while supplementing the event with thematic music and sound. With the addition of special effects such as video mapping, lasers, pyrotechnics, and props relating to any theme or design, Paul truly makes each and every guest feel like they are undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Always having a desire to design events, Paul spent the past three years assisting Xtraordinary’s Co-Founder Ken Sharples in event set-up/breakdown; proposal generation ;networking at industry events; and general office management (in which he still does today). It was during this time, learning under the tutelage of Ken and the rest of the Xtraordinary team, that he decided to make the jump from the corporate world to Xtraordinary. Now, armed with his knowledge and the team’s collective experience, Paul is ready to design and implement experiences for organizations and individuals who want to “wow” their guests at any type of affair.

  “Points of Perfection”